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Freight First Corporation

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Freight First Corporation

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We know that reliable transportation is critical to your business. PDF Print E-mail

Freight First Corporation is a family-owned and operated dedicated transportation company. We work hard to sustain our reputation for dependability, friendly service and dedication to your needs.

We provide services that allow you to outsource your transportation needs or simply subsidize your fleet with our vehicles during your busy times of the year.  Rest assured you will receive professional and courteous drivers who will deliver your product in clean, well maintained vehicles.

Driver pre-screening (linked) is paramount in our hiring process. We only allow the safest professionals to handle your freight. We understand that running your business is the most important item on your daily task list. Driver and vehicle safety and compliance can be overwhelming and expensive. Unfortunately, failing to maintain safety and compliance can be even worse.

By using our services, all driver and vehicle safety, compliance and liability will rest on our shoulders! When the truck pulls out of your facility you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your customers will be taken care of and you can proceed with the many important tasks that matter most to your company.




Proudly partnering with People Net Fleet Management for our on-board vehicle technology and communication.


For non-dedicated delivery tracking information.